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Are you moving to a smaller home?

Is an elderly loved one preparing to move to a long-term care setting?

Has someone you love been told they can’t live at home anymore?

Has a loved one recently passed, leaving you and your family to decide what to do with their home, vehicles, and personal property?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, there's probably estate liquidation in your future.


Estate liquidation — It’s a tricky place to be, especially if emotions are running high. Estate sales often happen on the heels of difficult circumstances, which adds an extra layer of challenge to an already charged situation.

That’s why you need to know about Eclectic Estates.

Eclectic Estates is full-service estate liquidation company that helps individuals, families, and the professionals who guide them unlock the full potential of their estates. Led by Kim Vassaur Freeman, an Arkansas native with more than three decades of experience in the estate sale business, Eclectic Estates provides expert guidance, compassionate support, and comprehensive service to clients throughout Arkansas and the southeastern U.S.

Unlike some estate sale companies that offer limited service, we can get rid of everything: personal

belongings, household items, cars, boats, lawn equipment, farm equipment, collectibles, jewelry, land, and homes. We can also do everything that’s required to liquidate real property, including cleaning, repairs,

inspections, sales, and more. And, at every step of the way, our team of dedicated professionals care for your property as if it were our own.

No matter what circumstances create the need to liquidate an estate, each Eclectic Estates engagement is custom designed with your needs, values, and goals in mind. From the removal of a few personal things to the contents of multiple homes, our full-service model makes these difficult transitions easier and more profitable for you. Along the way, enjoy as much—or as little—involvement in the process as you like.

How does it work?

Free Consultation. Owner Kim Vassaur Freeman will meet with you to discuss your situation, view the estate, learn about your goals, and determine what services would best help you meet those goals. Eclectic Estates is equipped to do more than just liquidate household goods. Our team includes attorneys, real estate brokers, contractors, cleaning services, and more who can assist with the liquidation of homes, land, vehicles, boats, aircraft, and farm equipment.

Develop the Estate Disposition Strategy:  Kim will explain the options and help you determine the best strategy for your unique situation. Options include auction, estate sale, donation to charity, sale online, or sale via consignment in the Eclectic Estates retail store. If an estate sale is part of your strategy, Kim will help you determine where the sale will be held and manage every aspect of the sale’s execution.

Inventory and Valuation. Kim or a member of her team will deliver their professional assessment on the value of your estate items. If you own rare, expensive, or specialty items, Kim will help you set the right asking price, making sure that your attachment to cherished belongings doesn’t outweigh their market value. She will know how to determine the market value of what you are selling, consulting with her network of experts in selling fine art, collectibles, jewelry, unique items, and other valuables. This will ensure you get as much money as possible from the sale. Eclectic Estates can also provide full written appraisals for furs, coins, jewelry, boats, cars, and any other personal property as required by the executor or the courts.

Prepare for the Sale. Kim and her team will arrange the display and handle everything needed to organize and stage the estate sale. Our goal when staging your valuables is to create the feel and appearance of an upscale boutique. By creating the right environment, we generate extra value in the eyes of buyers, which translates into greater proceeds for you.

Promote Your Sale. We promote your sale locally and online, posting photos that preview items offered for sale. If your customized Estate Disposition Strategy includes offering some of your items for sale at the Eclectic Estates retail store in Altheimer, we’ll promote that, too.

Execute the Sale. During the sale, we handle everything. You don’t even have to be there! After the sale, depending on the terms of our arrangement, you can have us remove all unsold merchandise and personal goods, and deep clean the property after everything has been removed.

Sell Your Real Estate. If your estate includes land, homes, or commercial property, Eclectic Estates can help you prepare the property for sale. If property needs to be cleaned, we can do it! Our team also includes licensed contractors who can repair, paint, plumb, and do the electrical work needed to get the property on the market. We can also connect you to a real estate broker who can list your property, represent you, and expedite the closing of the sale.

Eclectic Estates is a full-service estate liquidation company that helps individuals, families, and the professionals who guide them unlock the full potential of their estates.
How does Eclectic Estates work?
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